Chandrayaan-3 is India's ambitious mission to explore the Moon, and this web story provides live updates on its progress.

The mission aims to build upon the achievements of Chandrayaan-2 and expand our understanding of the lunar surface.

Chandrayaan-3 holds great significance for India's space exploration endeavors and contributes valuable insights into the Moon's geological composition.

The primary objectives include demonstrating India's soft-landing capability, studying the Moon's surface and subsurface, analyzing mineral composition, and enhancing our understanding of lunar geology.

The mission utilizes advanced design elements and cutting-edge technology, including an orbiter, lander, and rover equipped with specialized instruments.

The orbital maneuvers, including the third orbit-raising maneuver, are crucial for positioning the spacecraft and achieving a successful landing.

The selection of the landing site is based on scientific criteria and technical feasibility, considering factors such as safety and the presence of interesting geological features.

Collaboration with international partners plays a significant role in Chandrayaan-3, fostering scientific cooperation and knowledge sharing.

The mission faces various challenges, but meticulous preparations, rigorous testing, and risk mitigation strategies are implemented to ensure its success.

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