"Oppenheimer," directed by Christopher Nolan, has taken Indian theatres by storm.

The film collected an impressive Rs 13-14 crore on its opening day in India, outperforming "Barbie" and other Hollywood releases.

Starring Cillian Murphy as J Robert Oppenheimer, the movie was released on July 21.

 The film's success reached beyond metropolitan areas and resonated strongly with audiences in smaller cities and towns.

Critics praised Cillian Murphy's outstanding portrayal of J Robert Oppenheimer and awarded the film 4.5 stars.

"Oppenheimer" recounts historical events during World War II when scientists developed the world's first atomic bombs under Oppenheimer's leadership.

The movie features an impressive cast, including Robert Downey Jr, Emily Blunt, and Matt Damon in pivotal roles.

Christopher Nolan's direction and Cillian Murphy's performance elevated "Oppenheimer" to a cinematic masterpiece.

"Oppenheimer" is a must-watch for movie enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

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