The Spanish football community is rocked by a scandal involving Luis Rubiales, President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

Rubiales was caught on camera forcibly kissing player Jenni Hermoso during victory celebrations after Spain's Women’s World Cup win.

FIFA responded swiftly by suspending Rubiales and launching an investigation into the incident.

Regional leaders of RFEF collectively demanded Rubiales' immediate resignation due to the damage inflicted on Spanish football's image.

All 19 regional presidents expressed unanimous support for Pedro Rocha as interim president to steer RFEF towards dialogue and reconciliation.

Rubiales claimed the kiss was consensual, but Hermoso vehemently denied this, sparking discussions about power dynamics and respect in sports.

Rubiales' mother staged a hunger strike and sought refuge in a church, protesting against what she saw as unjust persecution of her son.

The scandal prompted debates about ethical conduct, accountability, and gender dynamics in the sport.

The incident highlights the need for rebuilding trust and transforming the controversy into an opportunity for positive change in Spanish football.

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