The CBI investigation into the death of Sushant Singh Rajput has been ongoing for three years.

The CBI has been unable to finalize its investigation due to a lack of response from the US regarding technical evidence.

The CBI requested Google and Facebook to provide details of deleted chats, emails, or posts of the actor.

The request falls under the mutual legal assistance treaty (MLAT) between India and the US.

The CBI is still waiting for a response from the US on the technical evidence, which is crucial to concluding the case.

Senior advocate Vikas Singh suggests that the CBI may be intentionally prolonging the investigation.

Maharashtra's deputy chief minister claims that individuals possess substantial evidence related to the case.

The credibility of the presented evidence is currently being examined by the state authorities.

The CBI has explored various angles, including abetment of suicide charges against Rajput's girlfriend and professional pressures.

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