NASA's DART mission successfully redirected an asteroid to prevent a collision with Earth.

The European Space Agency's Hera spacecraft will study the aftermath of the DART mission on the Dimorphos asteroid.

Asteroid 2023 QC5 is set to make its first-ever close approach to Earth on September 8, 2023.

NASA has been monitoring Asteroid 2023 QC5, which belongs to the Amor group of Near-Earth Asteroids.

This asteroid is approximately 79 feet wide, making it slightly larger than the Chelyabinsk asteroid.

While not a Potentially Hazardous Object, Asteroid 2023 QC5 could still cause damage if it were to impact Earth's surface.

The close approaches of asteroids highlight the importance of tracking and studying them.

NASA tracks asteroids by measuring their observed positions in the sky and using advanced software like Sentry II.

International collaboration is crucial in planetary defense efforts.

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