Amit Shah's meeting with Kuki tribal leaders focused on peace measures amidst ongoing violence in Manipur.

Kuki "defenders" have been using licensed guns to safeguard villages from repeated attacks by Meitei groups.

Amit Shah assured deployment of additional central armed forces to establish buffer zones and prevent further violence.

The burial dispute between Kukis and Meiteis centers around a chosen site of cultural and religious significance.

Amit Shah requested the Kuki leaders to consider deferring the burial and shifting the site to avoid escalating tensions.

Union Home Ministry reported a "positive" meeting, with Kuki group agreeing to explore an alternative burial ground.

Concerns over Manipur Police access to tribal areas were addressed, with Amit Shah proposing central force accompaniment.

Arms and ammunition looting escalated violence, with stolen weapons targeting Kuki villages.

Commitment from both sides to dialogue and find common ground offers hope for lasting peace in Manipur.

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