Aditya-L1 mission is dedicated to studying the sun's corona, named after the sun god, Surya.

The satellite is currently healthy and operating nominally.

The successful execution of Earth-bound Maneuver #1 (EBN#1) has altered the satellite's orbit to 245km x 22459 km.

EBN#2 is scheduled for September 5, 2023, and is vital for further fine-tuning the satellite's orbit.

Understanding the sun's corona has practical implications for our daily lives, including mitigating disruptions caused by solar activities.

Aditya-L1's mission is to gain a deeper understanding of the sun's behavior and its impact on our solar system.

The successful execution of the first Earth-bound maneuver was carried out from ISTRAC in Bengaluru.

Solar activities like solar flares and coronal mass ejections can disrupt satellite communications and power grids.

Studying the sun's corona helps us better prepare for and mitigate the potential impact of these solar phenomena.

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