Exploring the Sun: India's Aditya L1 Mission


It's India's first-ever mission to study the Sun up close.

Aditya L1 Mission

Ever heard of the L1 point? It's a special spot where Aditya L1 will orbit, giving us a new way to see the Sun.

Why L1 Point Matters

Aditya L1 will take off on September 2, 2023. Get ready for a journey to the Sun!

Launch Date is Coming

Aditya L1 carries special tools to study the Sun's corona, atmosphere, and more. Let's see what it finds!

Tools of the Trade

Aditya L1 wants to solve the mystery of why the Sun's outer layer, called the corona, is super hot.

What's the Mission?

Watch the Sun's outer layers dance! Aditya L1 will study how they move and change.

Solar Atmosphere Dance

Boom! Aditya L1 will investigate solar flares and big explosions on the Sun, helping us understand their origins.

Explosions in Space

Aditya L1 will keep an eye on tiny particles from the Sun that travel across space. They play a big role in space weather.

Following Tiny Sun Particles

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