Adipurush is a film adaptation of the epic Ramayan.

Prabhas delivers a commendable performance as Raghav, the protagonist.

Kriti Sanon's screen time is relatively limited in the film.

Sunny Singh portrays the character of Shesh, complementing Prabhas' performance.

Devdatta Nage convincingly brings the character of Bajrangbali (Lord Hanuman) to life.

Saif Ali Khan's portrayal of Raavana is decent and creates a sense of terror.

The VFX and visuals in the film are a mixed bag, with some impactful scenes but also areas that need improvement.

The dialogues cater to the modern-day audience and add a unique flavor to the storytelling.

Despite its shortcomings, Adipurush is worth watching in theaters, especially for Prabhas' fans.

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