Know, 10 Unknown Facts of Chandrayaan-3 Mission


The lander Vikram boasts a groundbreaking "failure-based design" that ensures safe landing even if systems malfunction. A true engineering marvel!

1. Revolutionary Design

The rover Pragyan is equipped with cutting-edge sensors and instruments, enabling it to explore the lunar surface with unprecedented detail.

2. Enhanced Pragyan

Chandrayaan-3 carries the "Moon Impact Probe," released from the orbiter to impact the lunar surface at high speed, creating a crater for intensive study.

3. Moon's Impact Probe

This mission marks India's first attempt to land a lander on the Moon's South Pole, a region rich in water ice potential, revolutionizing our understanding of lunar resources.

4. South Pole Quest

Chandrayaan-3 aims to uncover evidence of water on the Moon, a vital resource for future space exploration and potentially sustaining life.

5. Hunt for Water

The mission will provide unparalleled insights into the Moon's geological history, enriching our knowledge about its formation and evolution.

6. Lunar Geological Insights

If successful, Chandrayaan-3 will propel India as a pioneering nation in lunar exploration and lay the foundation for ambitious future missions.

7. Space Travel Pioneers

The mission signifies India's growing presence in the global space community, fostering international collaborations for scientific advancement.

8. Global Collaborations

The advanced instruments onboard will enable scientists to study lunarquakes, shedding light on the Moon's internal structure and tectonic activity.

9. Lunarquakes Study

Chandrayaan-3 will contribute to analyzing the Moon's tenuous atmosphere, furthering our understanding of space environments.

10. Lunar Atmosphere Exploration

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