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The First Supermoon of 2023: A Spectacular Lunar Display

The First Supermoon of 2023: The night sky is about to witness an awe-inspiring celestial event as the first of four supermoons in 2023 graces the heavens. The July supermoon is anticipated to shine brighter than any other full moon we have witnessed this year. As nature puts on its magnificent show, let’s delve into the details of this captivating lunar phenomenon.

The First Supermoon of 2023: The Rising of the Supermoon

On Monday, July 3, the full moon will rise and reach peak illumination below the horizon at 7:39 a.m. ET, as reported by The Old Farmer’s Almanac. To witness this mesmerizing lunar display, one simply needs to look towards the southeast after sunset, provided the local weather conditions are favorable.

The First Supermoon of 2023 : The Marvel of Supermoons

Dr. Shannon Schmoll, director of the Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State University, explains the magic behind a supermoon. As the moon orbits the Earth, it follows a slightly elliptical path rather than a perfect circle. Consequently, there are certain points in its orbit where it comes closer or moves farther away from our planet. When the moon reaches its full phase while situated closer to the Earth, it appears larger, resulting in a supermoon.

While the naked eye may not immediately discern the size difference between a supermoon and a typical full moon, The Old Farmer’s Almanac assures us that the first full moon of summer will be more luminous and located approximately 224,895.4 miles (361,934 kilometers) away from Earth.

The First Supermoon of 2023 : The Buck Moon and Its Aliases

In addition to being a supermoon, July’s full moon is also known as the buck moon. According to the almanac, male deer’s antlers typically undergo a cycle of shedding and regrowth during this time of the year.

Native American cultures have assigned various names to the July full moon. Western Washington University highlights some of these intriguing monikers. Terms like “hot moon” allude to the summer weather, while names like “raspberry moon” and “ripe corn moon” signify the optimal time for harvesting fruits and crops. It is worth noting that while most years consist of 12 full moons, 2023 will bless us with 13 lunar events. August will witness two supermoons, including a blue moon, which will be the closest moon to Earth this year. The final supermoon of 2023 will rise on September 29, marking a grand celestial finale.

The First Supermoon of 2023 : Full Moons to Come

Here is a list of the remaining full moons in 2023, courtesy of The Farmer’s Almanac:

August 1: Sturgeon Moon

August 30: Blue Moon

September 29: Harvest Moon

October 28: Hunter’s Moon

November 27: Beaver Moon

December 26: Cold Moon

Other Astronomical Delights

Apart from the supermoons, there are other celestial phenomena to look forward to in 2023. On October 14, a special annular solar eclipse will grace North, Central, and South America. During this event, the moon will pass between the sun and Earth, creating a spectacular sight of the moon appearing smaller than the sun with a radiant halo encircling it. Remember to wear eclipse glasses to protect your eyes during this extraordinary event.

Additionally, on October 28, a partial lunar eclipse will occur. While not a complete alignment of the sun, Earth, and moon, part of the moon will enter Earth’s shadow, resulting in a captivating partial eclipse. This celestial spectacle will be visible in regions such as Europe, Asia, Australia, parts of North America, and a significant portion of South Africa.

Meteor Showers to Illuminate the Night

As the year progresses, several meteor showers will grace the night sky, adding to the wonder of our cosmic experience. Here are the anticipated peak dates for nine meteor showers in 2023:

Southern Delta Aquariids: July 30-31

Alpha Capricornids: July 30-31

Perseids: August 12-13

Orionids: October 20-21

Southern Taurids: November 4-5

Northern Taurids: November 11-12

Leonids: November 17-18

Geminids: December 13-14

Ursids: December 21-22

To fully appreciate these meteor showers, find a location with minimal light pollution and enjoy the awe-inspiring display from late evening until dawn.


The first supermoon of 2023, set to grace the night sky in July, promises to be a breathtaking sight. As the moon appears larger and shines brighter than other full moons this year, it captivates us with its celestial dance. Alongside the supermoon, we can anticipate annular and partial eclipses, each adding its own unique touch to the cosmic theater. And let’s not forget the mesmerizing meteor showers that will illuminate the heavens, leaving us in awe of the vast universe we inhabit. So, mark your calendars, set a reminder, and prepare to witness these celestial wonders that remind us of the grandeur of our universe.

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How can I view the supermoon?

To view the supermoon, look towards the southeast after sunset. Ensure that local weather conditions are suitable for stargazing.

What is the significance of the buck moon?

The buck moon refers to the time when male deer’s antlers undergo shedding and regrowth during their annual cycle.

How many supermoons will occur in 2023?

There will be four supermoons in 2023, with the first one appearing in July.

Are there any other celestial events to look forward to in 2023?

Yes, apart from the supermoons, there will be an annular solar eclipse in October and a partial lunar eclipse in the same month.

Where can I witness the meteor showers?

To witness the meteor showers, find a location away from light pollution, preferably in rural areas, and observe the night sky from late evening until dawn.

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