Shubman Gill : Team India’s Shubman Gill Set to Take on No. 3 Position in Test Series Against West Indies

In the upcoming two-match Test series against the West Indies, Team India’s batsman Shubman Gill is all set to assume the crucial No. 3 position. This strategic move indicates a refreshed approach as Team India enters the third cycle of the World Test Championship (WTC), with bold decisions being made in terms of personnel selection.

Introduction: Team India’s Bold Decision

As Team India gears up for the two-match Test series against the West Indies, they have made an intriguing decision to promote Shubman Gill to the No. 3 position. This move showcases their commitment to exploring new strategies and injecting fresh energy into the team. It also reflects the start of the third cycle of the World Test Championship, where teams are looking for innovative ways to gain an edge over their opponents.

Shubman Gill’s Preference for No. 3 Position

During the pre-match press conference, captain Rohit Sharma discussed the decision to move Gill to No. 3. It was revealed that Gill expressed his preference for this position to coach Rahul Dravid. Gill stated that he has played most of his cricket at No. 3 and No. 4, and he believes he can contribute better to the team in that position. This assertion highlights Gill’s confidence and desire to take on the responsibility of anchoring the innings.

Left-Right Opening Combination

One of the primary advantages of Gill’s move to No. 3 is the creation of a left-right opening combination. With Yashasvi Jaiswal, a left-handed opener, joining forces with captain Rohit Sharma, a right-handed opener, Team India hopes to create a balanced and formidable opening partnership. This combination can pose challenges to the opposition bowlers and bring more variety to the team’s batting lineup.

Potential Drawbacks of Gill’s Decision

While the decision to promote Shubman Gill to No. 3 is met with enthusiasm, there are valid concerns that need to be considered.

Questionable Demotion of an Established Opener

One of the potential drawbacks is the decision to move an established opener down the batting order to accommodate a left-handed opening batter. Although Shubman Gill himself suggested the switch, it is crucial for the team management to carefully analyze the pros and cons of this decision. Demoting a proven candidate like Gill raises questions about disrupting the rhythm and confidence he has developed while opening the innings.

Disruption of Gill’s Form

Shubman Gill has been in impressive form, particularly in recent times. His exceptional performance during the Caribbean tour in 2022 earned him the Player of the Series award. Since then, he has become a regular presence in the Indian team, showcasing his skills and adaptability. However, a sudden shift in position may disrupt Gill’s rhythm and impact his batting performance. Consistency is key in cricket, and any dip in form could have consequences for Gill’s position in the team.

Uncertainty of Long-Term Solution

It’s essential to consider the long-term implications of Shubman Gill’s move to No. 3. While Cheteshwar Pujara and Hanuma Vihari are not currently in the squad, it would be premature to assume that their international careers are over. Players like Pujara have previously regained their spots after being dropped, while Vihari, at 29 years old, still has the potential to make a comeback with a strong domestic season. India’s depth in talent means that Gill’s switch to No. 3 may only be a temporary arrangement, dependent on future circumstances.


In conclusion, the decision to move Shubman Gill to the No. 3 position in the Test series against the West Indies reflects Team India’s refreshed approach. However, there are valid concerns regarding the demotion of an established opener, the potential disruption of Shubman Gill’s form, and the availability of other talented players. Only time will tell whether this move will prove successful or if adjustments will be necessary in the future. As cricket enthusiasts, we eagerly await the outcome of this strategic decision.

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How did Gill’s form turn around during the Caribbean tour?

Gill’s form took a positive turn during the Caribbean tour in 2022, where he performed exceptionally well and was named the Player of the Series. Since then, he has been a consistent performer for the Indian team.

What are the concerns about demoting Gill from the opening position?

Demoting Gill raises concerns about disrupting the rhythm and confidence he has developed as an opener. Moving an established opener down the order is a decision that needs careful consideration.

Can Gill easily return to the opening position if the switch to No. 3 fails?

Reintegrating Gill into the opening position might pose a challenge if the switch to No. 3 doesn’t work out. The top-order competition in Indian cricket is fierce, with talented players vying for opportunities.

Are Cheteshwar Pujara and Hanuma Vihari’s international careers over?

While Pujara and Vihari are currently not in the squad, it is premature to assume that their international careers are over. Players have made successful comebacks in the past, and their experience and skills can still be valuable for the team.

What other talented players could challenge Gill’s position?

India has a rich pool of talented players who can challenge Gill’s position. Ajinkya Rahane recently made a successful comeback, and Shreyas Iyer is set to return after recovering from injury. The competition for spots in the team ensures a healthy environment for players to perform at their best.

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